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When you can’t get to the woods… (2/24/2016) - Sometimes you just need to get outside and take some pictures.  While we can’t always get to the woods, it’s important to keep your skills sharp.  Keep your camera with you and you can find a creative outlet wherever you are.  Here are a few snaps from a 10 minute lunch break in Downtown Pittsburgh! […]
IMG_4379 Pheasant En Croute (1/4/2015) - Pheasant En Croute is a terrific appetizer or can be served with mixed greens as a light lunch.  Basically, it’s chunks of smoked pheasant breast and gouda cheese in a puffed pastry!  You can watch the whole process in Right Outside S3 E4. Step One:  Brine the Pheasant before smoking Add 1 cup table salt […]



Big Bow Outdoor Productions was founded in 2010 by avid hunter and amateur filmographer Matt Prepelka.

Aside from a simple desire to do what he loved, the company he built had two major aims. Firstly, it was dedicated to promoting local fair chase hunting (for both financial and ethical reasons). Secondly, it was intended to inspire its audience to look right outside at the beauty of the world around them. With these goals in mind, Big Bow Outdoors produced the television program Right Outside.
By offering an honest (and humorous) look at what happens when everyday people take to the woods, Right Outside episodes, shorts, and snapshots capture the good, the bad, and the crazy aspects of being an outdoorsman. From tutorials to recipes to real-life hunts, the program is an open forum for those passionate about exploring nature. Big Bow Outdoors hopes to provide a “clean, well lighted place” (to quote Ernest Hemingway) where anyone can share their stories, pictures, tips, and thoughts!
To share your story or learn more about Big Bow Outdoor Productions, email us at!



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