October 20, 2013 Matt Prepelka

10 Tips for Better Whitetail Hunting

Becoming a great whitetail hunter doesn’t require the intellect of a rocket scientist. It does, however, require that a hunter understands the animal, the environment it lives in, and how to execute a well-thought-out plan.

Charles Alsheimer
By Charles Alsheimer

What follows are 10 broad categories containing tips I’ve refined in my 40 years of bow-hunting white-tailed deer. They’ve helped me become a better big-buck hunter, and I’m confident they’ll help you, too.
1. Know Behavior
Over the last 30 years, I’ve written many behavior-related articles for Deer & Deer Hunting. And, in nearly every article, I’ve emphasized how a keen understanding of whitetail behavior is what provides serious hunters a “ticket to the dance.”
I still stand by that notion 100 percent.
If you look around the country and study the strategies of consistently successful deer hunters, the stories will be nearly the same. The success of so many strategies is directly tied to how well one knows deer behavior.
Fifty years ago, when I was just learning about whitetails, there were few forms of media to unravel the mysteries of deer behavior. Until the early 1980s, the only way one could observe deer behavior was the old-fashioned way, which was in the field. In most cases this required years of study.
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