December 19, 2013 Matt Prepelka

Deer Hunting Tips: 6 Tactics for Late-Season Bucks

Time is running out on your deer season. You can watch the hourglass empty, or you can use proven tactics from our six experts to take your biggest buck yet. It’s your last chance—better make it count.

1) Kill Plot

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  1. Our son has been very successful this year, inlindcug his largest buck ever. Besides the venison, I love to see the pride in their faces when the day has been a good one which may sometimes just mean they enjoyed the peace and quiet of nature in the woods. Male bonding (especially father/son bonding) is a great part of hunting.

  2. Jose, do you have any advice for first-time hunting trips? I’m planning on taking my son deer hunting, hopefully this year, and I’m not sure what other bonding things we could do. Do you have any advice on different reservations, or on getting tags?

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